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For industry, logistics and trade

Tell us which packaging material you need and we will supply it to you from our standard range or customise it to match the dimensions of your product.

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • a comprehensive range of products in stock with short delivery times
  • JIT delivery also available on request
  • on-site personal consulting service
  • all-encompassing product management with competent advice on the selection and optimisation of your packaging material

13 product groups for all industrial applications

  1. Papers and boards
  2. Filling and cushioning materials
  3. Cartons, containers, pallets

  4. Adhesive tapes and glue

  5. Standard packaging materials

  6. Films

  7. Strapping and stapling

  8. Packaging machines

  9. Bags and sacks

  10. Food packaging

  11. Protection against corrosion

  12. Bespoke packaging

  13. Hygiene


Packaging materials

For industry, logistics and trade

Antalis Packaging

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